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Our History:


In 1997 Hal Egbert founded United Physical Therapy in an effort to stay independent from large, corporate, profit centered physical therapy practice. At the time he was working with Els Brady and Alec Kay and they joined him in this endeavor. The goal was simple and the plan was successful, use the best available treatment approaches and pour everything we had in to helping our patients. That beginning provided the basis for what is now a culture of superior clincal care, fabulous customer service, and the use of all aspect of one to one care that contribute to the optimal healing environment. The company remains owned and operated by local physical therapists with no associations involving referral for financial gain. Growth has happened by excellent care and in 2001 a second office was opened downtown, followed by a clinic in South Anchorage in 2015. The passion for excellence pervades and it is appreciated by patients and providers who trustingly refer their patients and friends to us. 

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